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"At the beginning of our EFT session, Jane took the time to carefully explore what I wanted help with.   We talked about where I thought my problem might have come from and how the symptoms manifested themselves in my thought processes and also physically.  That in itself started the shift in me!  Jane summed up my problem in a few phrases that were my own words and they were repeated as we tapped simultaneously. 
After a few rounds of tapping I felt lighter and somehow free of the problem.   I could actually feel the energy moving through my body.  By the end of our session I was honestly laughing that the behaviour I wanted to change absolutely knowing that it would not give me a problem again.    
Thank you Jane for  helping  to me to release my blocked negative  energy.  Next time something creeps up on me I will be straight back to you.   Thank you!"

J.C. Bexhill