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Fertility Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology in Eastbourne and Surrounding areas, East Sussex

Preconception and Reflexology

Are you looking for a supportive way to boost your fertility?

Reflexology is an excellent therapy for both men and women to receive when preparing to conceive a baby.  As you know, this can be an exciting time but it can also bring added stress and pressure if you do not become pregnant.

The main aim of Reflexology during the preconception stage is to achieve a natural state of balance physically and emotionally.  It will also create a sense of calm with you and reduce any stress or fears that you may have.

    •    Stimulates Circulation
    •    Detoxifies
    •    Balances Hormones
    •    Reduces Stress

You may find that your energy levels are improved and the natural healing abilities of your body can cope better with any fertility issues you may have been diagnosed with.

Click on this link to read an interview with one of my clients about her experiences with Reflexology for fertility.


Fertility Reflexology


£50 per session (1 hour)
£140 for 3 sessions
£270 for 6 sessions

VIP Luxury Top to Toe Pamper Session (90 mins) £80
Indulge and unwind with a session including hot towels and luxury facial products.
Choose a combination of Calm Therapy treatments.

Fertility Treatment

If you are beginning a course of assisted conception, you may find that this can be an extremely stressful and testing time.  A course of Reflexology as a supportive therapy will help you cope better emotionally and physically before and during fertility treatment.

    •    Reduces Stress
    •    Encourages Relaxation
    •    Balances Endocrine System
    •    Supports and Balances The Body Through IVF Cycles
    •    Eliminating Toxins from Your Body

You will be able to receive Reflexology throughout fertility treatments including IUI, IVF, GIFT, ICSI, surgical treatments and drug stimulators such as Clomid.  Please inform your fertility consultant that you are receiving reflexology.

Fertility Reflexology is a treatment that both men and women can enjoy, so call Jane on 07734 695 964 or email to find out how this can help you if you have fertility issues.

Pregnancy Reflexology


"At the beginning of our EFT session, Jane took the time to carefully explore what I wanted help with.   We talked about where I thought my problem might have come from and how the symptoms manifested themselves in my thought processes and also physically.  That in itself started the shift in me!  Jane summed up my problem in a few phrases that were my own words and they were repeated as we tapped simultaneously. 
After a few rounds of tapping I felt lighter and somehow free of the problem.   I could actually feel the energy moving through my body.  By the end of our session I was honestly laughing that the behaviour I wanted to change absolutely knowing that it would not give me a problem again.    
Thank you Jane for  helping  to me to release my blocked negative  energy.  Next time something creeps up on me I will be straight back to you.   Thank you!"

J.C. Bexhill