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Uckfield Clinic

Calm Therapy Uckfield

Calm Therapy Uckfield offers Reflexology, Rahanni Healing and The Zone Face Lift Programme on Uckfield High Street.

Allow yourself to indulge in some quality time out in a bright airy room, with natural day light.

Feel your stress slip away as you experience deep relaxation.

By the end of your treatment  you'll feel like you are walking on clouds, revitalised and perhaps your skin might feel like velvet too....

Uckfield clinic is held Thursdays 10 - 7:30pm at Spa Therapy 148a Uckfield High Street,  Uckfield, TN22 1AT

Calm Therapy based in Uckfield, East Sussex also offers Reflexology and Zone Face Lift Therapy

Uckfield Treatments - Reflexology


Indulge and unwind with a session including hot towels and luxury facial products.

Choose a combination of Calm Therapy treatments.


" "Your EFT techniques have been helpful in many ways. I’ve been tapping away at all sorts of things. If anyone saw me they’d think I’m nuts lol. It definitely helps I didn’t realise how stressed I was about so many little things on a day to day basis.  I have a little tap and let it go. Much more useful than counselling and just what I’ve been looking for. An actual technique to release things. You can talk about it till the cows come home but it doesn’t release it. This brings it to the surface and then with time and repetitive practice I can feel it releasing. Also you can use it anywhere and whenever things crop up. You never know when those harboured feelings enter your head and when they do, however minor you think they are, you can release the stress of it straight away and discreetly as you condition the techniques to work. I think this is a life changer for me as I learn to cope with minor and major stress in my life. Here’s looking to the future without baggage." "

H.R. Eastbourne