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Uckfield Reflexology

Calm Therapy invites you to relax and unwind with Reflexology on Uckfield High Street.

Experience a Reflexology session like no other.  Feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation with this non-invasive therapy that will improve your general health and wellbeing.
Using warmed towels to wrap around your feet and natural oils to enhance your reflexology session.  You will feel amazing!

Benefits of Reflexology:

  •     Encourages Relaxation
  •     Reduces Tension
  •     Improves Sleep & Mood
  •     Enhances Your Wellbeing
  •     Boosts Energy Levels


Emotional and physical stress can manifest in many ways.  Reflexology is a wonderful way to keep our mind, body and spirit balanced. This is a subtle way to release unwanted stress and feel like you are walking on clouds after your session.


Calm Therapy based in Uckfield, East Sussex also offers Reflexology and Zone Face Lift Therapy

Uckfield Reflexology

£50 per session (1 hour)
£140 for 3 sessions
£270 for 6 sessions

VIP Luxury Top to Toe Pamper Session (90 mins) £70
Indulge and unwind with a session including hot towels and luxury facial products.
Choose a combination of Calm Therapy treatments.

"It is easy to say how I appreciated my visit today -"Time no longer!". A sort of magic was applied. I am very grateful for the wonderful reflexology treat to my face and feet. "

Tricia - Brighton