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Reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the clients as a whole; Mind, Body & Spirit


Holistic Facial

The Holistic Facial is designed to make your skin look good and lift your spirits too.

Using hot towels, Ren Products and a guided visualisation to promote healing process.  Facial Reflexology points are included and stimulated to release tension from your face so that you will glow from within.

Treat yourself to an Holistic Facial sessions to promote a good healthy glow, emotional wellbeing and vitality?

Reflexology is a treatment that anyone can enjoy.  You might like to find out more about Calm Therapy's Boost To Wellness treatment plan.                    Calm Therapy also offers Reiki and Sensory Therapy Massage.

Holistic Facial


"After one of Jane’s reflexology treatments I felt totally relaxed. The lower back pain I was experiencing at the time completely disappeared. Being normally quite an energetic person this was a welcome change! I find it hard to relax in the day time so I definitely want to visit Jane again to experience that feeling of calm. "

Esther Hardman - Kent