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Foot Reading

Our bodies reflect our physical and emotional health through our extremities,including our feet!

Foot Reading is a fun way to identify what “markers” such as the shape and patterns of your feet and toes mean to you and how they relate to your current and past physical and emotional tension.  

Texture of skin and nails, signs of birth marks, injuries and bruising are also considered.

This information is gathered to provide an overall picture of your health both physically and mentally/emotionally.The left foot represents the left side of your body and provides information about your present health.Your right foot represents your right foot and holds information that you may be holding from your past.This can be a great insight for you and how to improve your wellbeing.Putting the left and right together can provide a picture of your health and wellbeing as a whole.

How Can I Get a Foot Reading?

Foot Reading is a service that can be provided in two ways.  You can visit one Jane's treatment rooms.


You can send pictures in of your feet and Jane can send you a report of her findings.  

Pictures will need to include:

Plantar (soles) including toes Dorsal (tops including top of ankles and toes)
Medial and Lateral angles (side view inside and outside of both feet)
Please email your pictures to
A report will be sent back to you within 7 days of payment and photos being sent in.

Foot Reading

Order your Foot Reading just £25



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