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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

How can Calm Therapy can help you?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle, subtle yet effective way of releasing old negative thought patterns, beliefs or emotions that you may feel are holding you back in life.

Perhaps you find yourself saying

“This always happens to me…”

Perhaps you experience a pain or discomfort  when talking or thinking about something stressful.

Perhaps you experience anxiety, depression or have a phobia and don’t know why…?

An element of this problem may involve limiting beliefs that you hold and subconsciously repeat to yourself.

Emotional Freedom Technique works through a method of setting a discovery statement

which involves the unpleasant sensation, physical discomfort or memory you have.

Then together, we run through a  sequence of tapping on the ends of each energy meridian which runs through your body.

This tapping sequence disrupts and neutralises negative thought, emotion and sensation.

Once that is done, we add more positive affirmations into the sequence.

The session ends at a point where you no can longer experience or recall the negative feeling, sensations associated with the memory or belief.

These sessions are offered online or face to face



Price list

£50 per session (1 hour)

£140 for 3 sessions

£270 for 6 sessions


VIP Luxury Top to Toe Pamper Session £70

(90 mins)

"I'm a nurse so I go to Jane to keep my hard-worked feet in trim and help ease some back problems I have. I've been to other reflexologists before and I can tell Jane knows what she's doing. She's a very talented lady, with a relaxed and friendly approach and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. "

Paul - Eastbourne