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Reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the clients as a whole; Mind, Body & Spirit



Jane is first and foremost a Reflexologist

Jane is first and foremost a Reflexologist, incorporating various techniques into her treatments. Her aim is to bring calm, balance and wellbeing to her clients and friends.

A diploma in Massage was a natural progression for Janes holistic practise. This has allowed Jane to further develop her knowledge about the body and enhance her holistic approach.

An holistic therapist would not be complete without a spiritual side. Jane interperets this as Reiki. Reiki can be incredibly restorative for those who feel emotionally or physically overwhelmed.

To add a beauty element to her practice, Jane offers Facial Reflexology.  This deeply relaxing treatment not only renews skin tissue and improves skin tone, it also releases emotional stress from the face, giving you that natural glow!  How wonderful is that!?!

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"“Had my first reflexology treatment with Jane and I loved it so much! It was extremely relaxing and so good to have that time just for me in the comfort of Jane's lovely treatment room. I would highly recommend going to see Jane for some well deserved pampering!” "

Catherine Clifford of The Lansdowne Hotel - Eastbourne