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Reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the clients as a whole; Mind, Body & Spirit


Fertility Reflexology

Preconception and reflexology

Reflexology is an excellent therapy for both men and women to receive when preparing to conceive a baby.

This can be an exciting time for many couples but for others it may bring added stress and pressure when pregnancy does not occur when expected.

The main aim of reflexology during the preconception stage is to achieve a natural state of balance physically and emotionally. It will also create a sense of calmand reduce any stress or fears. This in turn may improve your energy levels and allow your body's own natural healing abilities cope better with any fertility issues you may have been diagnosed with. Stimulating circulation, detoxifying, balancing hormones are all part of the reflexology process.

Eliminating stress plays an important part when trying to conceive and reflexology is an excellent stress buster!

Fertility Reflexology

Fertility treatment

Beginning a course of any assisted conception process can be an extremely stressful and testing time for any couple. A course of reflexology will essentially be a supportive therapy to help you cope better emotionally and physically before and during fertility treatment. Reducing stress and encouraging deep relaxation will be the main aim of thetreatment and again ensuring your endocrine and reproductive systems are working to their optimum level.

Jane offers reflexology throughout fertility treatments including iui, ivf, gift, icsi, surgical treatments and drug stimulators such as clomid. Jane recommends you inform your fertility consultant that you are receiving reflexology.

Pregnancy Reflexology

"“Thank you so much for the reflexology treatment that you gave me last week. It was an amazing experience which left me feeling very relaxed and happy for days. It was exactly what I needed and I am very much looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you!” "

Andrew Paul Hook - Uckfield