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Reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the clients as a whole; Mind, Body & Spirit



What can I expect from a first treatment?

The session will begin with a consultation that can last from between 15 minutes to half an hour. Details about life style and stresses, diet, symptoms of any current and past illnesses or pain will be discussed as well as how you feel emotionally. You will be given the time to discuss with Jane how reflexology can help you whether it be for relaxation or to help with a particular condition. Jane will also discuss with you how a course of reflexology will benefit your particular condition.

You will then be asked to take off your shoes and socks and to get onto the treatment couch where Jane will make sure you are comfortable before starting the treatment.

A reflexology treatment can take up to one hour. During a first treatment Jane will treat all the body systems including skeletal, digestive, endocrine, respiratory, and lymphatic. Following treatments may focus on one or more of these systems and include relaxation techniques all depending on the presenting symptoms. It is very likely that you will find reflexology very relaxing and will feel the need to close your eyes and drift off.

When the treatment is complete you will be given time to gather yourself and sit up. Jane will be happy to answer any questions about the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This will vary for each person.  Having a treatment once a month a great for relaxation and maintaining your sense of balance and wellbeing.  If you are having reflexology to address a particular condition a course of treatments may be advised.

Can I have reflexology during fertility treatment?

Yes.  Jane is experienced in treating women who are under undergoing IVF, IUI and GIFT.  During your initial consultation, Jane will discuss with you about the best times to receive reflexology during fertility treatment.

Can I have reflexology during pregnancy?

Yes.  Jane has experience treating women from preconception, through the first trimester and the last few weeks of pregnancy.  Jane will be happy to discuss the best time to treat you during your pregnancy at your initial consultation.

I have really ticklish feet - can I still have reflexology?

Firm pressure is applied during a reflexology treatment so you won't find the treatment ticklish.  I have very ticklish feet too and I love reflexology!

How will I feel after the treatment?

You are likely to feel very relaxed, energised and invigorated after a reflexology treatment.

Reflexology helps the body to remove waste products and toxins. When this happens you may experience a reaction such as increased bowel movements, increased urination or perspiration, a runny nose etc. You may also feel tired or emotional.  This is a sign that the treatment is working well and is known as a 'healing crisis'.


What does a treatment feel like?

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment.  It makes you feel like you are having a massage without the need to take your clothes off!

Where do the treatments take place?

I work in the Old Town area of Eastbourne.  Please contact me for further details when making your booking on 07734 695 964 or email

What is the history of reflexology?

Reflexology dates back to Ancient China 5000BC and Ancient Egypt 2500BC.
It became known in the West in 1913 when Dr. William Fitzgerald introduced ‘zone therapy’ to the western world. Dr Fitzgerald divided the body into 10 equal zones running from head to toe. He then applied pressure on the tips of the toes or fingers and a corresponding part of the body through the zones would be anaesthetised. He would use this technique to carry out minor surgery although this practice was very controversial at the time.

Eunice Ingham became the pioneer of reflexology, as we know it today. From the 1930’s Eunice travelled around America for 30 years teaching medical and later non-medical practitioners. Eunice wrote two reflexology classic books, “Stories the Feet Can Tell” (1938) and “Stories the Feet Have Told” (1951).

"Jane Long and her Calm Therapies      I first met Jane at a local networking meeting probably 18 months ago, but until recently when we have again met at networking groups, I hadn't seen her much. I had formed an early impression of a pleasant, dedicated and professional lady. This was soon to be examined when Jane very “bravely” as a member of Mumpreneurs Networking Club said, agreed to share with me in a “swopping alliance”. This was the excellent idea from Kerry the Eastbourne groups manager and consisted of two people sharing their business, work, service etc with their partner. In Jane and my case, her Reflexology and my poetry basically, but I was sure so much more would be learned from this pleasant professional lady.        Jane had first offered to give me a reflexology session which whilst I looked forward to it, I had some misgivings of what Jane might illicit from it mainly. I mean I had “heard” things about what it could show! I'd had reflexology about 20+ years before so had a small inkling.      I need not have worried as Jane was every inch and more the sound professional I had suspected, from some required questions and information to a totally exquisite treatment and relaxation session. I was made to feel extremely special and valued with attention only on me. I should say that perhaps Jane obtained some satisfaction from the fact she had silenced me, though I feared in my totally relaxed state, apart from a little purring snore maybe?      After the treatment Jane ensured I was safe coming round from my laid back state, and then again succinctly gave me a detailed feedback from her explained content of the treatment, with every opportunity to ask, discuss or question any concern or feeling. Suffice to say I was too content and stress free to talk, so she even performs minor miracles as well!      My feet, and in fact most of my body, veritably danced away from an amazing experience that I suspect was increasingly enhanced by Jane's obvious attention to detail and all round regard for her clients. I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone, but especially with Jane and her obvious commitment and care!     I had prior asked Jane 3 questions about herself in regard to her business, service and aims, which her reflexology and techniques demonstrated to me, clearly substantiated. Jane is keen to make people aware of holistic health and the need to balance the body. I have gleaned the benefits of this through Jane, and she also does a specialised Facial Reflexology treatment that I have never tried, but will go to Jane for this experience too!      I really enjoyed my time with Jane on both our “alliance” sharing experience, discussions and learning, and a “getting to know” perspective too, but above all a natural respect for each other and what we do. Like many “quieter” (appearing) people Jane has many interests, a lot of them shared, and with an amazing laugh, and yes, EVEN at some of my jokes as well. As a professional service giver and lovely person I can recommend Jane to you without reserve. "

Laurie Wilkinson, Psychy Poet - Eastbourne